Center Personnel


Climate, Hydrosphere, & Landscape Dynamics and Modeling:
Lisa Sloan, Paleoclimatology, Climate Modeling (Earth Sciences)
Christina Ravelo, Paleoceanography , Paleoclimatology,(Ocean Sciences)
Patrick Chuang, Aerosols and Climate (Earth Sciences)
Andrew Fisher, Hydrogeology (Earth Sciences)
Chris Edwards
, Physical Oceanography (Ocean Sciences)
Biogeochemical Processes and Modeling:
Kenneth Bruland, Trace Metals, Radionuclides (Ocean Sciences)
Margaret Delaney, Paleoceanography, Marine Geochemistry (Ocean Sciences)
Russel Flegal, Element Cycles/Isotopes (Environmental Toxicology)
Donald Smith, Toxic Metals (Environmental Toxicology)
Raphael Kudela, ecological modeling, remote sensing (Ocean Sciences)
James Zachos, Paleoceanography, Isotopes(Earth Sciences)

Food-web / Ecosystem Dynamics and Modeling:
Paul Koch, Isotope Biogeochemistry/Vertebrate Paleoecology (Earth Sciences)
Laurel Fox, Terrestrial Population-Community Ecology (Biology)
Donald Potts, Coral Reef Ecology (Biology)
Mary Silver, Marine Plankton Ecology (Ocean Sciences)
Marc Mangel, Population Conservation Biology (Environmental Studies)
Daniel Costa, Marine Mammal Physiology (Biology)
Mark Carr, Marine Population-Community Ecology (Biology)
Karen Holl, Restoration Ecology (Environmental Studies)
Michael Loik, Physiological Plant Ecology (Environmental Studies)
Don Croll, Marine Mammal Ecology (Biology)
Jonathan Zehr, aquatic microbial ecology (Ocean Sciences)


Human and Economic Impacts and Modeling:
B. Haddad, Economic /California Water Policy (Environmental Studies)
D. Gifford-Gonzales, Archaeology (Anthropology)

Administrative Staff
Jennifer Fish, Administrative Assistant
Judy van Leuven , IGPP Management Services Officer

Donald Potts, (Biology)